Every child deserves a place to grow, a place to lay their head, a place to be loved. Every child deserve a home full of hope

Edith Lukabwe has taken on what no one else would, creating a Home of Hope for children with severe disabilities in Uganda.  But her home is now severely overcrowded and at risk for being shut down.

This is your chance to change the lives of 56 children, forever!

In Uganda, children with disabilities are they most vulnerable. They are thought of as curses, or even demon possession.  They are often abandoned or hidden inside dark room, locked away. They are abused and subjected to inhumane traditional healing practices. 

Ten years ago, when Edith Lukabwe opened Home of Hope she thought she may be able to bring love and hope into the lives of 5 children. Now her home is home to 56 children with severe disabilities and still growing.  

These children have no where else to go. She cannot turn them away. But the Home is severely overcrowded. Originally built for 20 children, beds now crowd the corridors. The staff are overwhelmed and under resourced. Children, many of whom are unable to sit on their own, line the hallways. There is no place to play or grow. If Home of Hope continues this way it will be shut down. 

In March 2017 Edith began fundraising to expand her home and bring love into more lives. So far she has raised enough to purchase 2 additional acres and begin construction on a second home. She has big dreams to also build a clinic and a school. 

Can you help Edith bring Hope to more Children?


Donate and Share. 

Here is how the funds will be used:

$20,000 to purchase the land (Done!)

$10,000 building foundation (Done!)

$25,000 complete construction of the first level, the expansion of the home

$30,000 complete construction of the second level, guest house to promote income generation

$3,000 admin fees (credit card, etc)

You can be the reason their lives change forever. After you give, share Edith's story with your friends and family. We've made it easy to share on Facebook. Simply sharing the story can multiply your impact by 10x!

Plus your donation is tax deductible! Home of Hope Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) based in Renton, Washington, working with Home of Hope in Jinja Uganda to raise awareness and support children with special needs. 

Children line the hallways

But Edith is determined to be a mother to all of them

The kitchen at Home of Hope

In the therapy room they do their very best with broken down equipment

Despite their struggles, Home of Hope is a place of laughter

and love

Be the reason for change.

Donate. Share. Hope.


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